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Find out the expectations and preferences of
thousands of candidates from our app.
Match them by position, technology, location or employment contract. Before the invitation you have access to the candidates full profiles and after the invitation you receive a CV and direct contact. Easily manage them in your recruitment dashboard.

market reports

See how your offer compares to
the competition and candidate expectations.
The latest polish market data - based on the largest job portals (weekly update).

Smart job board

Create a job offer by providing the exact details, based on which our AI will automatically match candidates with your ad.

Add an attractive job offer and start publishing anywhere on the web!

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Easily filter from our database
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Organize interview
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Reach thousands of experienced IT professionals

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It's a completely different approach to the topic of recruitment, I haven't seen such a smoothly working tool before. The application itself is simple and for everyone, I found myself in it very quickly. In one place I can look for well profiled candidates, manage them, create new recruitments, publish ads on their job board, brilliant solution. Workeo is a good complement to our standard recruitment process.

This is the best solution for the price, for such a low amount we get a tool that generates far more candidates than ads on big portals for exorbitant prices. Personally I like automated solutions, my thinking goes along with Workeo solutions. Immediately after adding the recruitment and the announcement, the system automatically suggests us a few people who fit the position within a second. On other sites I often did not have so many proposals within a month. I buying it.

They have simplified the work of many recruiters, everything given directly. In addition to a great tool for selecting candidates who are already in the database, they also collect information about job ads on other portals. Thanks to this, we can easily create our own ad so that it is the most attractive than others, the competition has no chance. If we do not know the current trends for example salaries in a particular technology, here you will also find such information.

Mateusz Styburski
CEO at G-Group, G-Creative
Eryk Gąszczyk
CEO at Spinbits
Bogusz Kończak
Co-Founder at Subme

Maximize your job listing's reach

With our premium bot that will reach thousands of relevant candidates per month using ai algorithms. The bot sends direct messages to over 1500 potential candidates per month on LinkedIn, and ads on portals such as Discord, Slack or Facebook. Leave a contact for yourself to request a free consultation to discuss about the possibility of our bot.

Hire a Workeo’s Recruiter

If you need someone to take care of your recruitment process, you can also order classic recruitment services from us and outsource one of our headhunters. Leave us a contact, we will call you back within 48h.

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First Web3 recruitment app for companies, recruiters and candidates.